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arabic dvd ahmed zaki Nasser 56 movie film egyptian

arabic dvd ahmed zaki Nasser 56 movie film egyptian
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Once again popular leader Jamal Abd El-Nasser inspires mass unity in the Arab World, this time as the subject of one of Egypt’s most celebrated new films. In Egypt in 1956, the World Bank suddenly withdrew its offer to finance the Aswan High Dam, setting in motion what came to be known as the Suez Canal Crisis. One hundred days later, Nasser boldly decided to nationalize the project, defying the world superpowers and bringing his country to the brink of war. With this act, Nasser won yet another battle in the war against foreign rule and took another step toward creating an independent Egypt. Filmed in black and white, this insightful docu-drama masterfully incorporates actual archival footage into its story, lending the film a sense of historical authenticity. In an outstanding performance, Egyptian star Ahmad Zaki elegantly brings to life one of the world’s most charismatic political figures and transports us back to the most dramatic year of his presidency.

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