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arabic dvd fairuz live concert in las vegas Fariouz

arabic dvd fairuz live concert in las vegas Fariouz
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This is a memorable concert that Fairuz performed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, the 15th of May, 1999. I quote from the DVD: "13600 tickets were sold" and Fairuz was "awarded the Key of Las Vegas". The DVD is directed by none other than Fairuz's daughter Rima Rahbani; distributed by the reputable Sabbah Media Corporation . This DVD is an NTSC region 1 format.

The DVD program runs in two parts: 1. Disc 01 "Karrab Al Maweed". Runs for 75 minutes and serves as a documentary that goes with Fairuz behind-the-scenes as she prepares for the event. You get to see her arriving in Las Vegas, visiting the stage, rehearsing with the choir and the orchestra and attending a private reception in her honor. A touching moment is when Fairuz meets a lady who came from Toronto to attend this event; this lady has been to a Fairuz concert 40 years ago during the Baalbeck International Festival and shows Fairuz and the viewers an old black and white photograph with the two of them. This DVD also offers a Photo Gallery section.

2. Disc 02 "Fairouz In Las Vegas". Concert runs for 110 minutes and highlights Fairuz's career. Dawwi Ya Hal Andeel Atem Ya Leil Taree' el Nahil Nassam Aleina el Hawa Haddouni (Choir) Khayef Koun 'Eshe'tek (Choir) Ya Ana Ya Ana Ahwak A'tini El-Nay Ana Wu Inta (Mawal) Ya Hnaiyina Leiliyi Betrja' Ya Leil Ya Jisran Khashabian Sanarjiou Yawman Muwashahhat Sa'aloni Enas (Instrumental) Qasqes Wara'a (Choir) Tallou el Siyadi (Choir) Arrab el Mau'ed Nihna Wil Amar Jiran Ishar Kifak Inta Khedni Oudak Ranan A Hadir el Bosta Lammal Amar Ghab Ughniyat el Wadda Zourouni

This is a must-own concert for any Fairuz fan.

Fairuz - Fairuz Live in Las Vegas