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arabic dvd Madrasat Al Mushaghibeen The School play

arabic dvd Madrasat Al Mushaghibeen The School play
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great play for عادل إمام سعيد صالح سهير البابلي

Adel Emam ,

A comical play where Miss Ismat is a teacher who is trying to teach a bunch of students in a school of terrors, when she turns out to start teaching them good manners.Here the funny events start to take place.


When it was first released on TV 1974 all of the Egyptians and the arab world stayed at home that night and watched the whole play till late at night. The next day all of the young students who watched it repeated the whole seens in their schools. since then it was the breakthrough of new egyptian comedy. Sets new rules. Introduced new Stars llike Saiid Saleh, Younis Shalaby, Hady Elgayyar and of course the very well known Adel Imam.

It is a classic play , full of laughs. You will always wish to see it all the time. Enjoy it