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Dalida Sixieme Jour arabic dvd with french sub Chahine

Dalida Sixieme Jour arabic dvd with french sub Chahine
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The sixth day (Al Yawm al-Sadis)

The sixth day (Al Yawm al-Sadis)Original Title: Le sixième jour Director:Youssef Chahine Screenwriter:Youssef Chahine Nationality : Egypt - France Genre : Drame Original language : Egyptian - with french subtitles Premiere : 3 December 1986 (France) Runtime : 102 mn Official site Festival: Synopsis

In 1947, a cholera epidemic sweeps through Egypt, traumatizing her people. Saddika, a washerwoman in her fourties, lives with her paralysed husband in a basement. She is a determined but taciturn woman who makes up for the sterility of her emotional life through an imaginary world taken from the sterotypes of popular melodrama. One day, her grandson, Hassan, comes to dinner with Okka, a young monkey tamer aged 24, who soon makes out the woman beneath Saddika's mask. Shortly after, Hassan is taken ill with cholera. Saddika, afraid of being denounced to the health authorities, flees Alexandria with him. Young Okka, fascinated by the nervousness of this woman, follows her onto the boat. In the tense wait of the 6th day, when the patient either dies or recovers for good, the two characters learn to trust each other and Saddika accepts love. Cast

Youssef Chahine Chewikar Dalida Ahmed Handy Ibrahim Maher Mohsen Mohieddin

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