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DVD scientific Miracles of Quran islam english koran

DVD scientific Miracles of Quran islam english koran
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Excellent Video Documentary based on the book by Harun Yahya. Clear and concise quotations from the Quran together with scientific narrations and descriptions, providing proof that Islam is the one true religion.

Media is 1 DVD.

Language : English with no subtitles.

Amongst scientific examples and quotes from the Quran are : (compare this with the Copernicus or Galileo - who were imprisoned for publishing that the world is not flat)


Creation From Hot Smoke *

The Splitting Asunder Of "The Heavens And The Earth" *

The Creation Of What Lies Between The Heavens And The Earth *

The Perfect Equilibrium In The Universe *

The Fine Tuning In The Universe *

The Structural Differences Between The Sun, The Moon And The Stars *

Orbits And The Rotating Universe *

The Sun's Trajectory *

The Movement Of Mountains *

Birth of a Human Being and Gene structure. *

Different Points In The Rising And Setting Of The Sun *

Land Loss At The Extremities *

The Formation Of Rain *

Rains Which Bring A Dead Land Back To Life *

The Formation Of Hail, Thunder And Lightning *

The Fecundating Winds *

The Victory Of Byzantium *

The Preservation Of Pharaoh's Body *

The Conquest Of Makkah…..and many more.