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Mazinger Z arabic dvds arabic cartoon مازنجر

Mazinger Z arabic dvds arabic cartoon  مازنجر
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Product Description

Mazinger Z (proper arabic ) fusha

Plot / story:

Professor Juzo Kabuto create Mazinger Z after finding out Dr.Hell's plan in conquering earth. However Dr.Hell's men kill professor Kabuto just after Mazinger Z finished. When Kouji arrived, he only find his dying grandfather, the remains of his grandfather's house and Mazinger Z on the underground basement. Later he meet Sayaka and Dr. Yumi which will assit him on fighting with the enemy.

Mazinger was first aired in Japan in 1972 (Tranzor Z). Written by the same writer of Grendizer, Mazinger is held to be the main idea of the creation of Grendizer!


Professor Kabuto's grandson: he managed to finish Mazinger Z just before he's killed by the enemy. Before he died, he asked Kouji to see what he have left for him

Shiro Kabuto - He's Kouji's young brother.

Boss, Nuke, and Mucha - Kouji's rival, he try to build another robot to match Mazinger's power, but always fail. However his creation sometime help Mazingar in defeating enemy He have two close buddies, Nuke and Mucha.

Sayaka Yumi- Dr. Yumi's daughter- She drive Aphrodite A which aiding Kouji in battle, also act as Kouji's teacher in driving Mazinger in the first series. Later, she drive Dianan A after Aphrodite A destroyed

Speken Language: Arabic

Number of DVD:2


Arabic Description:

المغامرة العظيمة "مازينجر"

لمجموعة المؤلفة من 27 حلقة كاملة مسجلة لتمكينكم من مشاهدتها على احسن وجه