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Shapes Around Us: Arabic Toddler/Baby DVD: Arabic is Formal Fusha الأشكال من حولنا

Shapes Around Us: Arabic Toddler/Baby DVD: Arabic is Formal Fusha  الأشكال من حولنا
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Shapes Around Us: Arabic Children/Baby Toddler DVD: Arabic Baby Einstein الأشكال من حولنا

Shapes Around Us is the third title to be released by Little Thinking Minds. This Arabic "educating" DVD introduces children to the basic shapes in a fun way through great sing a longs, playful puppets, captivating animation and lots of repetition to help them remember what they're learnt. This DVD will take your toddlers on an exciting visual and auditory field trip through a shape-filled world familiar to their eyes. Whether in the wheel of a car or the window of a house, your little thinkers will soon start to spot the shapes around them in their daily life.

An absolute must for parents of young children who want to raise them fluent in Arabic. An original Arabic DVD series similar to Baby Einstein. Animation, music and entertainment focused on babies 6 months to 5 years of age.

The video contains original score composed by Arab musicians employing Arabic instruments and rhythms. -----------------------------------------------------

What Parents have to say:

"As a non-Arab married to an Arab, it's is so important to me that my son learn his language and he loves this video. He squeals with delight each time I switch it on." Mother of 14 month old, London

"Raising my son in England I found the video very helpful in teaching him arabic vocabulary. Videos are very enlightening and educational and I can't wait to see more of them." Mother of two and half year old

“Informative and inspiring. It’s really nice to see, such productions care for the Arab child’s thought and imagination.” Mother, The Star Mother

“Finally there is something produced in Arabic for children.” Mother, Jordan Times

“The main objective of this video is to develop children’s Arabic speaking skills and encourage appreciation of our Arab heritage.” Living Well


Ages: Baby 6 months to Preschool/Kindergarden 5 years

Language: Arabic. The Arabic is Formal Fusha with some colloquial levant accent (esp Palestine/Jordanian and at times Lebanese). (English Subtitles Optional)

Media Type: DVD

Duration: 30 Minutes